The latest invention from FtI, the hip implant with an identical bone structure.

People with worn or otherwise damaged joints can benefit from a surgically fitted implant. The working lives of implants differ strongly. The current average working life of an implant that is used for people with a worn hip (the artificial hip) is approximately 10-15 years, depending for a large part on the lifestyle and general health condition of the patient. After 10 to 15 years the existing hip implants come loose. The detaching of the hip implant is a slow and painful process that can only be reversed by replacing the implant. Unfortunately, implants can only be replaced once (or at best twice) by means of major surgery as each replacement will lead to a larger cavity (in which the implant is placed). The working life of the second implant is even shorter than the first.

The limited working life of implants constitutes a growing problem, as implants are more often used for younger patients. Next to this, the life expectation of people in general is increasing. The medical society therefore foresees a growing demand for implants with a longer working life:

Ultimately, the envisioned implant should be the lifelong cure for a persons hip joint.

This implant is a worldwide technological and medical breakthrough. While the hip implants that are currently on the market have to be replaced after 10 to 15 years, this new concept will provide a lifelong solution for worn hip problems.

This development program is in relationship with the Erasmus Medical Center and supported from Stimulus/OP-Zuid.

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- Dit project is mede mogelijk gemaakt door een bijdrage uit het Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling in het kader van OP-Zuid - 
- This project is part-financed by the  European Union under OP-Zuid -

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Dit project is mede mogelijk gemaakt door een bijdrage uit  het Rijk in het kader van OP-Zuid
This project is part-financed by the government under OP-Zuid.


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