Gears, suspensions and assembly

Gears, drive systems and assembly

Providing additional value to customers has been a main goal of LKL, ever since being established in 1996. The first few years, this additional value was mainly restricted to purchasing metallurgic parts in China. The additional value was mainly the price. Delivery times were sometimes unreliable and the quality of the products was always a surprise. This was not necessarily a bad thing: the customers expected it and the price compensated it.

This changed in 2000: The necessity of reliability of delivery, quality and knowledge increased. Customers required more and the customer base expanded. Faith in China was not yet there though.

Nowadays, LKL Staal does not only deliver loose components (casting, forging, welding, CNC turn and mill work), but also more complex and essential components, such as gears, (complex) assemblies of components, drive systems (gearboxes, electronic engines), etc. Everything custom designed for the customer.

Components are inspected and manufactured (sometimes under own management in China, sometimes externally), inspected (under own management in China) and tested. LKL Staal delivers the quality the customer demands, but manufactured in China. This often results in huge purchasing benefits, without limiting the reliability of delivery or the quality.



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