LKL Staal in China, LKL Wuxi and LKL Ningbo

LKL Staal in China, LKL Wuxi and LKL Ningbo

The Chinese subdivisions of LKL Staal.

LKL Wuxi, Liankeli
LianKeLi has been established in 2004. It was then still a representative office with 3 employees. From March 2006, Liankeli has all official documents to operate as a complete import-export company. In April 2007, the newest LKL China was officially opened: 1,000m2 warehouse, 300m2 offices and 35 employees in a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (The Chinese LLC). 

Early 2012, LKL Wuxi has moved to its new location. With over 3,000m2 manufacturing (CNC plant), warehouse, quality control and material laboratory. Also a spacious office building for the management, control and planning.

LKL Ningbo
LKL Staal has offices in Ningbo since 2003. This office operates as a representative office.

LKL Staal has been doing business with China since 1996. LKL Staal knows the problems of China, which can always be traced back to:

LKL Staal works with Chinese personnel who communicate in all layers of the factory. This makes it possible to follow the process from beginning to end without opinionated stories. Possible problems with the Chinese government are solved in consult with the office in China! This might be a shape right for your products, which guarantees you that the government immediately takes action when a company tries to copy your product in China.

Differences in quality perception
'Almost good is still good?' A thought which is unacceptable for most Europeans. This was the reason for LKL Staal to place two quality centres in China. The quality inspections range from simple measurements to 3D-measurements, X-rays, etc. Products that do not meet the quality demands are not shipped to the Netherlands, but are returned to the supplier. This saves time and unnecessary costs. All our products are always supplied with a material certificate 3.1.

Reliability of delivery
By properly controlling the process, deliveries often go right. Problems are noticed in time, and measures are taken in an early stage. If you do not want to have any risks with certain products, we can ensure a safety stock. In the Netherlands or in China. This ensures reliability of delivery, despite having your products manufactured in China.