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LKL Staal Uden, main office Netherlands

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 LKL Staal Uden, main offices Netherlands

 The main offices of LKL Staal are in Uden, North-Brabant. This small, but rapidly growing company, has 16 employees. There are also 55 employees in the two Chinese sites of LKL Staal.

 LKL Staal provides:

  •         Engineering
  •          Casting simulations
  •         Drawings
  •            Process control
  •            Logistic processes
  •            Purchasing of, among others, lost wax casting, sand casting, forging, welding, Aluminium (beam) casting in materials such as RVS, steel, casting iron and various special alloys.
  •            Assembly of (complex) components
  •            CNC processing under own management (processing plant) in China.
  • All production and quality control of LKL Staal occurs in China.

Process control
The casting process costs a lot of time, which occurs less and less in Europe. This is why more companies want to have their products manufactured in cheap labour countries such as China.
irectly doing business with China is not easy: products are often late, and if they arrive they are often not up to expectations. This costs valuable time, which most companies lack.

The system of LKL Staal aims to design the manufacturing in China as efficiently as possible, to the demands of the customer. LKL Staal Netherlands has the supervision and coordinates the whole process, from purchasing the materials to the final delivery to the customer. Possible problems are noticed in time to limit delays.

 Research & Development
You have a product you have been manufacturing yourself for a long time, but does this enable you to be efficient? Imagine that your welded, laser cut or already cast product can be made a lot cheaper with a redesign. This is why we have established the Research & Development department. We look at your product with new eyes, and make a 3d-casting proposal on request. This often results in savings, especially when it comes to labour and material. A cast product also looks more professional (imagine having your logo cast in the product). The goal is to manufacture your product as cheaply as possible, but still in compliance with your quality demands.

 Stock management
Each customer is different, and this results in differing logistics demands. LKL Staal thinks with you! An unpredictable market requires you to keep stock. In the Netherlands, this means that you have your products within 2 days. If you have longer, you can also stock your products in China. This saves costs, but requires a delivery time of 5 weeks (sea transport + processing). A predictable market makes a safety stock possibly unnecessary. The process is designed so that you receive your products in time.

With local knowledge and more than 17 years of experience, we know exactly where we need to place your products matching your quality demands. There might be 50 forges which can manufacture it, but you do not want to pay for manners you do not need. LKL Staal places your products in a factory matching your quality demands. The communication with the factories and the supplier assessments are made by our offices in China. You can read more about it under the tab "LKL China".




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